Tips to Help Your Loved Ones Communicate with Their Doctors


Some individuals with an intellectual disability in Richton Park, Illinois tend to have difficulties with speech and communication. Oftentimes, these difficulties also have a big impact on how they communicate with their doctors. In this case, someone else will have to speak on their behalf.

A staff member from a residential group home in Illinois where your loved ones may be residing can help. At the same time, here are tips you can also use if you’re the one helping them.

  • Take down notes.

    You can make a health journal for your loved ones. This is where you can write down information crucial to their health. These can include medications, the strength of these dosages, symptoms you notice, and more. Observe your family members carefully and write down anything different that you notice.

  • Use your notes to inform the doctor about your loved ones’ health.

    Since the individuals are unable to communicate what they may be feeling or which meds they may be taking, your notes will be of great help. Provide as much information as the medical professional needs.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask the doctor your questions.

    It’s always best to have a deep understanding of what your loved ones are going through. So, get as much details as you can from their doctor.

At Gentle Hands Rehabilitation, Inc., your loved ones with intellectual or developmental disabilities have the opportunity to live their lives independently. If you need residential services in Richton Park, Illinois for them, give us a call today!

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