Fun and Exciting Brain Games for Seniors

Fun and Exciting Brain Games for Seniors

Our brain ages, too, so we should care about keeping it sharp in every way. If you or your senior loved ones live in a residential group home in Illinois, there are plenty of mind-stimulating games to try ranging from puzzles, board, to card games—all of which help seniors to socialize, mitigate boredom and depression, and most importantly, prevent cognitive decline.

A provider of residential services in Richton Park, Illinois lists down the games they try with their senior residents:

  • Tile, puzzle, and board games
    These are all tabletop games that are great for social gatherings, which even those with limited mobility can enjoy. They shouldn’t have to be very complicated but enough of an avenue to socialize. Games as these include chess, checkers, dominos, mahjong, Dixit, Ticket to Ride, and more. They’re great activities to encourage family members or friends to visit.
  • Video games
    Regardless of your age, if you’re willing to learn gadgets, then you can always try video games, especially those that are completely new and challenging to you. You can play simple video games like cards, puzzle, logic, or tile games, but if you also enjoy role-playing, action-oriented, and strategic games, you can always try other games of different kinds.
  • Card games
    These are games from generation to generation. After all, it doesn’t need electricity and all you need is a flat surface. Your group may try gin rummy, bridge, canasta, spades, cribbage, and more.

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