We’ll Assist You in Realizing Your Full Potential


As a registered provider of residential services in Richton Park, Illinois, we assist clients in gaining independent living skills and reintegrating back into their families and community. We place high regard on everyone having the right to find their own potential and develop into contributing members of society. As a result, our services and support system are tailored to meet the specific needs of each of our clients.

We provide comprehensive, person-centered services to our clients with developmental impairments and mental health issues around the clock. Our authorized residential group home in Illinois was established to help those who are in dire need of support. To improve their quality of life, they require services that are of the highest caliber and we can definitely provide them for you!

We thoroughly examine each individual’s unique needs, preferences, and characteristics in order to give a comprehensive approach to helping those in our care. We build supports around each client based on this information, rather than trying to fit him or her into a preconceived pattern. Gentle Hands Rehabilitation, Inc. builds these supports as much as possible before the individual moves in. We can guarantee that this procedure will ensure a seamless transition and effective placement.

Intellectual disability in Richton Park, Illinois will not be a concern anymore as we are here to help you! Should you need any of our services, contact us. We are accessible and always available to assist you in reaching your full potential. Don’t hesitate to discuss your requirements with us today!

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