How Seniors Benefit from Sharing Meals with Others

How Seniors Benefit from Sharing Meals with Others

Seniors are at high risk for malnutrition given that with aging comes the loss of appetite, struggles of preparing daily meals, underlying health conditions, among others. Many studies suggest that malnutrition is brought about by poor eating habits or loneliness in dining alone. A provider of Residential Services in Richton Park, Illinois lists down how important it is for seniors to share meals with others:

  • Create meaningful social connections
    Many seniors claim that stimulating conversations while eating with friends or family makes the meal more satisfying. Alongside conversations, seniors tend to eat more when they share meals around a table with some people to talk to, like in a Residential Group Home in Illinois.
  • Betters their physical health
    Meal sharing can also improve seniors’ nutritional intake as they also tend to eat nutritiously and as mentioned, eat more, compared to when they eat alone. Eating nutritiously and maintaining healthy social ties reportedly lead to seniors living longer, having fewer health problems, and leading a more independent life.
  • Enhances their emotional and mental well-being
    Especially for a residential group home that caters to those with intellectual disability in Richton Park, Illinois, sharing meals is considered a great help for seniors to build better self-esteem given the sense of belonging it gives off.

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