Advantages of Rehabilitation Facilities for People with Disabilities


People with any developmental or intellectual disability in Richton Park, Illinois can have difficulties in their daily living. Although family members can assume the role of primary caregiver, they may still need help in meeting the emotional, social, and physical needs of the person they are caring for. This is where caring facilities can be helpful.

Gentle Hands Rehabilitation, Inc. is a trusted provider of residential services in Richton Park, Illinois. We provide expert care to aging adults and those with disabilities. Here are a few of the benefits of enrolling your loved one in our group home.

  • Secure environment – We offer a conducive home that is clean and safe. It is organized to accommodate people with varying needs.
  • Patient-focused care – Our staff is attentive to the needs of every resident, ensuring that nothing is overlooked. We handle medication, treatment, and progress monitoring.
  • Companionship and enhanced social life – The majority of our residents are aging adults who have trouble integrating into society because of their disabilities. In our home, we help them improve their social skills and connect them with individuals who can relate to them.

These are only a few of the advantages of acquiring our services. We can help your loved ones and help you ease your mind.

Contact us if you wish to visit our residential group home in Illinois.

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