Caring for Patients with Developmental Disabilities


Taking care of someone who needs your gentle hands takes a lot of effort, especially if that person has special needs. The level of understanding and patience required is way beyond normal. But no matter what, it is still very fulfilling.

As a care provider for individuals with intellectual disability in Richton Park, Illinois, tips can be useful in taking care of patients with disabilities. We understand that each patient comes from a different culture and background. Thence, despite having a disability, taking care of them still require a lot of study, patience, and understanding.

Providing care for patients who have physical, mental, or other disabilities presents a set of challenges. As a residential group home in Illinois, dealing with their unique disability comes with its challenges. The following basic tips may help you care for your patients no matter how different they are.

  • Do your homework, research ahead of time about the disability of the patients. Remember, with different types of disabilities comes different types of challenges and level of care required.
  • Speak directly to the patient, don’t assume that they can’t understand you because they do.
  • Don’t make any assumptions that patients do not need your help. Always offer your assistance to them.
  • Ask them questions. It is important to know what they want and what they don’t want.
  • Treat them like normal individuals.

Gentle Hands Rehabilitation, Inc. is a provider of residential services in Richton Park, Illinois. We offer help to individuals with developmental disabilities. We dedicate to help them acquire independent living skills.

Let us help your loved ones nurture their potential in our living home. Learn more about our services and meet our staff. Contact us for more details.

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