We are committed to supporting our clients in reintegrating into society and independently supporting themselves.
caregiver and senior woman with walker at home

Our residential group home provides programs for each resident to support and help them in developing their skills in living independently. These programs foster self-sufficiency and aim to empower them into accomplishing their goals and becoming a contributing part of the community. Our schedule is rotated weekly, and each resident has the opportunity to learn new skills daily.

Under our care, residents develop the following:

Independence in Daily Skills

  • Self-Care Skills
  • Dietary Skills
  • Household Skills

Economic Self-Sufficiency Skills

  • Job Skills
  • Money Management

Community Integration Skills

  • Safety in the Community
  • Mobility Training
  • Accessing Community Resources

For more information about our programs and how you can benefit from them, feel free to contact us or send us a message.